Kinetik Energy Solutions, Inc grew out of a desire to create a business that could improve the lives of others and at the same time be environmentally conscious. Our goal is to enable you and your family to achieve a healthy, sustainable lifestyle by providing holistic solutions that increase your comfort, enhance your health and safety and save money in the process. By decreasing your dependance on non-renewable energy sources such as gas, oil and coal based electricity you help the environment and lower your utility bills.

We do this through a process of reducing energy consumption and producing energy through renewable sources, a strategy we call Reduction + Production. By performing a Comprehensive Home Assessment (aka CHA or Energy Audit), we can determine exactly where energy is being wasted in your house which can also tell us where the comfort issues are located. We also focus on your health and safety by performing carbon monoxide and gas leak tests. We’ll check for mold issues caused by water infiltration or condensation which can cause health problems as well as structural damage. So, whether it’s from faulty or missing insulation, air infiltration and drafts, outdated or malfunctioning heating and cooling systems, old appliances or inefficient lighting we will find the problem and provide the solution.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by our comprehensive and unbiased approach that focuses on your needs first and foremost. Listening to our Clients is the best way to find out what is going on in the house and quickly pinpoint what’s important. We will work within your budget and use the available incentives to help defray costs. The goal of our work is to be as cost neutral as possible, in other words, to have the savings more than pay for the cost of the improvements. To achieve that we implement strategies with the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) and shortest payback period. Numerous studies (link to education) have shown that insulation and air sealing have the best value in terms of low investment, high return and quick payback.

Our policy is one hundred percent client satisfaction. If you are not happy then we have not succeeded and will do whatever is feasible to fix the issue. We stand behind what we do and guarantee our workmanship.