Pricing for a Comprehensive Home Assessment (CHA) depends on the size of the house and scope of the job. Please call for the latest price for a basic CHA. Then we can discuss if other tests would be useful. These tests include a Duct Blaster test (leaky ducts waste money and can be unhealthy) or a Thermal IR scan that can peer into the walls to detect insulation defects, air infiltration and possible moisture issues that can slowly rot a house from the inside out. If the house is extremely large or complex then we will have to add a surcharge if we need two blower doors.

After we send you the CHA results you can have us come back to do the actual work or use our report to bid out the job. You are not committed to hire us for the second phase. If you decide to go with Kinetik then we will credit the cost of the CHA towards work done at a rate of 5% of the contract fee up to the total cost of the CHA (e.g. $400 back on a $8,000 job)

We don’t charge a low "flat rate" for the CHA because we are not a national chain trying to gain market share and then use high pressure tactics to make the sale. We are a locally based small business where the owner directly participates in and oversees every job. Because of that we maintain a high level of service and workmanship. Any work that cannot be completed directly by Kinetik may be sub-contracted to reputable companies that we have personally vetted and meet our high standards.