• Carbon Footprint
CO2 is one of the major greenhouse gases that is emitted into the atmosphere as a byproduct of all types of combustion. The continued and increasing use of fossil fuels has elevated levels of CO2 which contributes to global warming. As most people know by now, unless checked it may eventually lead to dire consequences.
In NY 40% of our fossil fuel CO2 emissions are produced by home use. 19% of that is energy use in the home and 21% is from generating the electricity used to power our homes. See this EPA chart and this breakdown of electrical use.
  • CO2 lowers ocean PH levels
Another impact of burning fossil fuels is the increased level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere that is absorbed by the oceans which lowers their pH making them more acidic. This in turn will make is more difficult for calcifying organisms such as coral, crustaceans, mollusks and others to create their shells or internal structures. Coral reefs are the nurseries of the ocean and are being lost at an alarming rate. One fear is that loss could be exacerbated by lower pH levels. See this Wikipedia article.