The Comprehensive Home Assessment (CHA or Energy Audit) is like a full physical for your house. It consist of a complete visual inspection of the outside and inside of the house, heating and/or cooling system diagnostics, a Blower Door test and, if necessary, a Duct Blaster test. If you use gas we’ll also perform a gas leak test and test the oven for carbon monoxide.

During the visual inspection we’ll check the outside for signs of damage, condition of the roof, crawlspaces, type and condition of siding, etc. On the inside we’ll inspect the attic for insulation, look for obvious holes that let air in, look and smell for mold, feel for drafts and more.

The heating system will be tested for efficiency as well as safe operation. We’ll make sure the combustion appliances are drafting properly and not producing high amounts of CO. If a furnace, boiler or hot water heater are backdrafting and producing high levels of CO it can cause serious health problems including death.
We can also test AC and Heat Pump systems for proper operation. These are specialized tests, please contact us to discuss how we can help you with this type of system.

A Blower Door test consists of placing a large fan in the front door and depressurizing the house. This causes air to leak through all those cracks and holes in the house at an increased rate. Using the rate of air flow during the test we can calculate how much your house leaks during normal conditions. During the test we explore the house to see and feel where the air is coming in. It’s like time lapse photography in that it speeds up the process of air flow so we can measure how much the house leaks and exactly where it leaks the most. That enables us to focus air-sealing on the areas that need it the most.

The Minneapolis Blower Door.

If you have ducts for heating, cooling or both, we can run a Duct Blaster test to measure how much air is leaking from the ducts.

Duct Blaster test.