Workmanship, materials and technique are critical in the performance and durability of any improvements done to a building. If the work is not done right, with inferior products or without knowledge of how it effects your house as a system, it could lead to problems down the road or it just may not perform in saving energy or correcting the problem.
We’ve done extensive research on all the equipment and materials that we use in our work as well as the latest building science techniques. From the latest FLIR IR camera to the quality cellulose by National Fiber or the 50 year siliconized latex caulk and even right down to the 3M high temperature flue tape, the materials we’ve chosen are the best in their class. Saving 75 cents on a tube of caulk just isn’t worth it! We believe that it's not only about getting the job done fast and within budget but doing it with materials that will last so the benefits don’t fade over time.